Lindalou and Michael Ryge


Here are a few links to some good friends and music connections that are important to us:

Our friend Ginger Parish formerly of the great band Three at Last, has asked me to play a bit of flute on her new Lullaby CD which will be coming out soon. This will be my first recording project without Michael and I’m excited to have been asked! Most of the songs are Ginger’s beautiful originals which she wrote for her son. From what we’ve heard this will be a great CD for all ages!

Christopher Smith is a close friend of ours and an amazing songwriter. He wrote the Song “Apple Sauce” and backs us up with mandolin on our version of it on our CD. We sing on his great CD “Sweet River Grace.” He’s also got a wonderful CD called “Gravedigger’s Boy.” He’s known in Marin County, for two popular children’s CD’s, “Carry Me Home,” and “The Golden Gate.” He’s a much loved kindergarten teacher as well.

The Waybacks are one of our favorite bands. They’re some good buddies of ours and old campmates from the Strawberry music festival. They’ve got 4 really great albums.

Stevie Coyle was one of the original Waybacks. He left his successful band awhile back to pursue his solo career and do guitar lessons and workshops. He plays small concerts now with a variety of great musicians. He’s a brilliant finger style guitar player and song writer. He also makes people laugh a lot. We feel very fortunate to have opened  some concerts for him and had the opportunity to play with him a bit. He’s a dear friend who’s been very supportive of our music. He recently recorded his first solo CD and it’s really great. A concept album that takes you on a bit of a journey.

Corinne West is another friend and camp mate from the Strawberry Festival. She’s a wonderful singer/songwriter and has been getting great reviews for both her CD’s “Bound For The Living,” and “Second Sight.”

Houston Jones Band is made up of some of our old Strawberry Fest friends and camp mates, several of whom used to be original Waybacks. Travis Jones and Glenn Houston started the band and Peter Tucker, Chris Kee and sometimes Chojo Jacques help to make this another of our favorite bands, with 3 great albums. Chris Kee has written most of the great songs on their recent recordings.

Jamie Byrd has become a dear friend since we met her one magical middle of the night, at the Strawberry Fest a few years ago. She’s an incredibly gifted songwriter. She plays guitar beautifully in all sorts of unusual tunings, and she sings like a bird! Her CD’s are wonderful.

The Rowan Brothers have been an inspiration to us since we were teenagers growing up in Marin County where we saw them opening for the Grateful Dead at Winterland in the early 70′s. We’ve since had the opportunity to get to know Lorin Rowan a bit and had the honor of opening for him and his brother Chris at a house concert in 2008 and were invited to sing a couple with them as well. His great cellist playing friend, Doug Harmon,  plays a bit on our CD. Lorin also sings and plays mandolin beautifully on Jamie Byrd’s CD “Garden Of Days.”

We met Darryl Purpose a few years ago through our friend’s Randy Villa and Tim Konrad of Santa Rosa House Concerts. He’s a wonderful singer/songwriter with some great stories to tell and several great CD’s. We’ve made a nice connection with him and hope to get him out to California more often.

We also met Michael McNevin at a Santa Rosa House Concert and got to know him even better hanging around camp sharing songs and meals at the Strawberry Festival. Not only is he a great songwriter/storyteller, but he’s a world class Etch A Sketch artist! He’s also got lot’s of great CD’S, some with his Etch A Sketch art on the covers, as illustrations for his songs. Like all the other folks we’ve listed here, he’s been a great inspiration to us. We even wrote and recorded a song named after his first reaction to it…

Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald are wonderful singer/songwriter’s who have been inspiring and influencing us with their magic since we first met them up in Nevada City back in the ’80′s. They’ve got several beautiful CD’s. We’ve enjoyed their performances on the stages at the Kate Wolf Memorial Festival backed up by Nina Gerber who is another one of our musical heroes.

Peter Wilson is another great musician/singer/songwriter who has inspired us for years since he released an album in 1982 called “Folk Music.” He and Eleanore MacDonald recorded a song called the Endless Mile which was written by Julie Snow. We loved the way they did that song and were inspired to learn it ourselves.We eventually recorded it on our CD. We hadn’t seen Peter in many years and finally reconnected with him at The Strawberry fest.

Our friend Charlotte Gibb plays guitar and sings beautifully. She started the Lafayette Concerts and has been a great supporter of independent folk musicians and the local arts.

Our friend Barbara Arhon writes children’s music. She started the Petaluma Folk Concerts, and has also been extremely supportive of local folk musicians.

Eric Gavin is an old friend who we met on a beach in Greece in 1976. He’s a British singing dentist who we’ve stayed close friends with all these years! He has written and recorded some great songs, and he’s a fine dentist as well.

We met Megan Mclaughlin (also at a Santa Rosa House Concert) several years ago. She was great. We didn’t actually get to know her until recently when we found ourselves in a song circle with her at the 2005 Kate Wolf Fest. Megan not only entertained us with her great songs but she made us laugh a lot. She’s also a kindergarten teacher with 2 really fun CD’s of her own plus she provides accompaniment on several other CD’s.

Tracy Grammer and the late great Dave Carter have inspired and encouraged us since the first time we heard them several years ago at a couple of Santa Rosa House concerts. We were fortunate enough to meet them a few times before Dave left this crazy world behind at the age of 49. We had asked him if he’d mind if we perform and record some of his songs and he said he’d be honored. His song “Gentle Arms of Eden” was the one we put on our 1st CD. Tracy is still touring and spreading Dave’s wonderful songs around. She’s also started writing her own songs and has released some beautiful CD’s with Jim Henry.

Sylvia Noel & Daniel Wiegand are our first online music friends who we have actually developed a long distance real friendship with. We discovered each other’s music through and have been in touch by email ever since. They wrote us a very sweet review of our CD and noticed that Daniel and Michael both play Taylor guitars, and Sylvia and I both play the flute! They invited us to come play some concerts in Germany and told us we didn’t even need to bring our instruments… we could just borrow theirs! So we did that in Oct. 2009 and opened 3 concerts for them and even played a few songs with them and their great band. Needless to say we had the time of our life!

Charlie Cutten was another dear friend and fellow musician who we lost when he was tragically killed by a careless driver. We knew Charlie from the Strawberry festival.  He’s mentioned in a line of our song “Strawberry Jam,” which sadly took on a new meaning after we lost him. His music will stay with us and you can learn more about him at his website or buy his wonderful CD, “Basic Transportation,”

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